In December of 2015, Wong Technology released the Bot Bowl® family of Dental Industry accessories. The Bot Bowl provides organization and accessibility to small dental parts and tools via a removable magnetic base, external slots and ridges.

Thanks to overwhelming demand and feedback, in July of 2016 the Magnetic Fly Tying, Armory Small Parts and the Pins & Needles Bot Bowl's were released.

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Bot Bowl® Patent Pending


Magnetized device for holding small dental  parts for dentists, endodontist, orthodontists, etc. during various procedures. Small dental parts may consist of various carbide burs, diamond burs, mandrels and disks, rubber points of various sizes, latch burs, finishing burs and finishing disks, mini micro brushes for peridex, etch and bonding agents, implant screws, implant abutments, transfer copings and implant torque wrench and latch, orthodontic brackets, endodontic files and crowns, etc. Keeping such dental instruments and other small parts organized and readily available to the dentist, even with the help of a dental assistant  is an on going challenge. 

Bot Bowl® Features and Benefits:

- Assembly consists of a disposable bowl mounted on a magnet installed re-useable base.

- Thermoformed using white Prime Impax 250, a formulated High Impact Styrene (FDA Compliant and USP Class VI Compliant).

- Disposable and designed for single use/patient procedure.

- Stackable to reduce clutter and shelf space.

- 8 sided bowl with 6 installed magnets in the base portion for 360 degree utilization.

- Assembly is lightweight for ease of portability and use.

- White in color for sanitary verification and to help visually locate tools/parts held in the bowl.

- Dual top slots located in the rim of the bowl for micro brushes to be laid across the bowl horizontally. This allows the micro brushes to be organized and off the counter tops to prevent cross contamination and does not allow them to roll off the countertops.

- Re-useable base with magnets is covered by the Bot Bowl to prevent cross contamination and is cold sterile capable for multiple use.

- Vertical slots to organize small dental parts/tools in an upright position for easy identification, retrieval and use.

- ’Quiet zone' in bottom of bowl where no magnets are used helps prevent used burs and bits from re-use since they lay in the bowl bottom awaiting discard with the disposable bowl portion at  procedure conclusion.

- Re-useable base with magnets will be be offered in two versions. One version will be thermoformed using white Prime Impax 250, a formulated High Impact Styrene (FDA Compliant and USP Class VI Compliant) (same as the Bot Bowl itself) and one version will be 3D printed using Polylactide (PLA) in multiple colors as a 'procedure' identifier or a 'treatment' room identifier depending upon the user/office preference.